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Why attend the Brands and Innovation conference?
Conference co-chairs Monique Joe, NBCUniversal Media, LLC (United States) and Diane Lau, Facebook, Inc. (United States) share why it's important for brand professionals to keep up with innovation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by two award-winning guest speakers: 

Special Guest Speaker, Day One

Caterina Fake
Founder, Yes VC

Caterina Fake, leading entrepreneur, innovator, and investor, will discuss the profound ways in which innovation changes lives and how she has helped to create a better tomorrow for us all. 

After co-founding both Flickr and the recommendation engine Hunch—sold to Yahoo and eBay, respectively—she joined Etsy when it had only four employees. She also served on the board and as Chairman until just before Etsy’s 2015 IPO. Recently she launched Yes VC, a pre-seed and seed-stage capital firm. 

Hear her journey from English Literature major to venture capitalist in a Fireside Chat with our conference co-chairs, Monique Joe, NBCUniversal Media, LLC (United States) and Diane Lau, Facebook, Inc. (United States). 

Keynote, Day Two

Natalie Hampton
Sit With Us
Natalie Hampton, high school senior, anti-bullying activist, app developer, and the CEO of a non-profit called Sit With Us, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California (USA), will join our Day Two Keynote Session—Innovation for a Better Life, Better World

In this session, she will share the inspirational story of how she uses innovation to act as a change agent, improve our communities, and inspire the world.

I hope attendees get inspired to innovate! 

It is so easy to focus on the daily work that lands on our desks. However, occasionally we need to look up and think about long-term strategy.

Indeed, that's the fun part […]

                           —    Jeremy Kaufman (Netflix, USA),
                                   Panelist, “What Every Brand Lawyer Needs to Know

The last 10 years have seen tremendous change across the world—from the internet creating a forum for global conversations and proliferation of information, to smart TVs, smart-er cars, talking appliances, virtual assistants and more. These changes influence every aspect of our lives—the way we work, play, and interact with each other—and have had a profound effect on consumer expectations and norms.

Join the International Trademark Association (INTA) in New York on March 19 and 20 for the 2018 Brands and Innovation conference, where leading business and legal experts will discuss the impact of innovation on brands and provide practical tips that will help attendees successfully navigate and harness new innovations to benefit products, services, brands, consumers and their own day-to-day jobs.

Sessions include these and other hot topics:

•    The Alphabet of Innovation: Sharpen your lexicon with this interactive session—from AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality) to VR (virtual reality) and those places in between.

•    What Every Brand Lawyer Needs to Know: Unlock innovation’s value with a tool-kit of the right questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies to consider when helping businesses leverage their IP rights.

•    Innovation and Brand Value: Discover how experts use trademark portfolios as indicators of innovation value, the tools used to measure and track consumer patterns, and how to communicate this value to the C-suite and the “street.”

•    The Evolution of Brands: How Innovation Is Changing the Retail Landscape: Learn how retailers are keeping up with consumer demands by relying on big data, AR, and more. Leading experts share how to counsel clients through this changing landscape and ensure effective IP protection and enforcement efforts.

Panelists will also join us from these and other iconic brands:


•     eBay, Inc.
•     Facebook
•     IBM Corporation
•     ​​​​​​​Netflix, Inc.
​​​​​​​•     Mars, Inc.
​​​​​​​•     Microsoft Corporation

Project Team

We thank our project team for their efforts in creating this special conference.

Monique Joe, NBCUniversal Media, LLC (United States)
Diane Lau, Facebook, Inc. (United States)

Project Team
Elisabeth Bradley, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (United States)
Paul Brown, UL LLC (United States)
Elena Grimme, Microsoft Corporation (United States)
Paul Jordan, Bristows (United Kingdom)
Kathleen McCarthy, King & Spalding LLP (United States)
Conny Schmitt, Grunecker (Germany)
Claudia Schulz, BM&A – Barbosa, Mussnich & Aragao (Brazil)

Staff Liaisons
Carin Diep-Dixon, International Trademark Association (United States) 
Dionne Downs, International Trademark Association (United States)
Dolores Moro, International Trademark Association (United States) 
Paula Lee, International Trademark Association (United States)
Victoria Nightingale, International Trademark Association (United States) 
“Innovation is change that unlocks new value.”
                 — James Notter


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